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How Does a Commercial Cleaning Service Differ From a Residential One?

It is not uncommon for most people to assume that cleaning is cleaning. They do not realize that a commercial cleaning service differs from a residential cleaning service. While both types of services work hard to ensure that the space is clean and sanitary, the way that they clean and the types of products that they use to clean may be different. 
Commercial cleaning services are often tasked with cleaning larger spaces, such as large hallways or tile floors. They may use commercial floor buffers or commercial vacuums to clean such large spaces. They may also use different cleaning agents in a commercial space than they would in a residential space. 
When you are looking to hire a commercial cleaning service or a residential one, it is important that you hire a cleaner who has the equipment to clean your space.

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

Preventative Maintenance is the least costly yet most effective way to protect carpet appearance and keep the rest of your facility clean.

More than 80% of the soil that gets into commercial carpets and flooring comes from outside. With a good maintenance program you will save money on the daily cleaning for the rest of your facility.

Elevate Your Sales With a Clean Commercial Space

Managing a commercial space can be stressful and you know best that no team member really enjoys cleaning when there’s just so much to do every day – managing inventory, schedules, staging the place, helping customers out, and doing sales! This could lead to cutting corners, missing details and an overall lacking of cleanliness that could risk your business in these new times where cleaning is a priority.

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